Remote Work Ideas for Sailors & Cruisers

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Remote Work is Here to Stay

Like corporations gathering data about productivity related to remote work, employees have set their sights on finding the type of job that appeals to their need for flexibility and personal work-life balance. Despite major companies pushing back against workers’ demands to continue to work from home, the reality is that remote work is here to stay.

For individuals like me who have merged work life with adventure, the basic premise of digital nomadism is to feel more alive. Not “alive” while  vacationing or on holiday—but alive in the sense of embracing both the highs and lows of day-to-day existence. For me, the extremes of living now happen on the ocean as my husband and I sail to various destinations (while I continue to work online full time).

In this article, I describe the types of remote work that sailors (or cruisers) can do and the websites that offer both full-time and part-time remote jobs.

remote work means remote places like Candeleros Chico
Remote work for me happens in places like this one. Candeleros Chico, Baja, Mexco.

The Intersection of the Personal and Professional

I am not alone in recognizing how tired cubicles, worn classrooms, or frustrating daily commutes have spurred individuals to repurpose the trajectory of their professional lives; in fact, it’s in the marriage of the personal and professional that new workers have embraced.

Now that I am working and living on my sailboat, an Amel Super Maramu, for half the year, I speak from experience when I say working remotely while sailing offers the perfect structure for living. I now use Starlink–Elon Musk’s high-speed Internet–on board, which means I can set my laptop in our cockpit or salon table, put in my dedicated hours of online teaching, and then jump into the ocean or go for a run on the beach. 

I am not simply closing my laptop at 5:00 p.m., pouring a glass of wine, and settling in to another mediocre Netflix series (which we do happily when we are sitting at our home!)

remote work with a laptop next to the beach

Digital Nomadism: Sustained in New Ways

I am not alone in wanting to work in remote places. Fellow nomads I have met represent dedicated employees who also happen to cruise or sail; they are–we are–shaping digital nomadism in new and sustained ways.

Although I am extremely fortunate to teach online for the college where I have worked for over 27 years, I know of many people who also long for the crazy adventure of sailing and living on the ocean before it’s too late to participate in this physically and emotionally demanding lifestyle.

However, remote work isn’t simply about finding a Goldilocks life; the reality is that being alone without the company of colleagues around works for certain personalities. As an introvert, I also happen to be extremely focused. I manage my time well, and I am committed to maintaining my involvement with my students and colleagues (albeit, virtually, instead of face-to-face).

Perhaps remote workers double down on professional commitments because self-determined freedom produces more productivity and positivity.

join us online in the remote working world

Top 2 Ingredients for Working Remotely

Before you can consider the types of jobs available to nomads, there are two very important ingredients you need: 

1) High-speed internet, and

2) Flexibility

Since remote work requires a stable internet connection, the most important consideration is setting up something like Elon Musk’s high-speed Internet service. For more information about using Starlink on a boat, please see my articles “Working Remotely While Sailing Using Starlink” and “Power Consumption and Conservation Using Starlink.”

Once this is set up, flexibility in how you work and what to do aboard a boat will carry you toward your goal of true nomadism. Flexibility also happens to be a key ingredient in the sailing lifestyle, which I describe in-depth in a previous post.

online marketing is just one type of job for remote workers

What Types of Remote Jobs?

Here are some types of jobs suitable for sailors/cruisers:

  1. Digital Nomad Professions
  • Digital Marketing Specialist: Managing online marketing campaigns, SEO (search engine optimization), content creation, and social media marketing.
  • Graphic Designer or Illustrator: Creating visual content, logos, branding materials, and illustrations for various projects.
  • Web Developer or Designer: Building websites, coding, or designing web interfaces for businesses remotely.
  • Copywriter or Content Creator: Writing articles, blogs, marketing copy, or content creation for websites and companies.
  1. Remote Tech and IT Jobs
  • Software Developer or Engineer: Designing, coding, and maintaining software applications or systems.
  • IT Support Specialist: Providing remote technical support, troubleshooting, and resolving technical issues for clients or organizations.
  • Cybersecurity Analyst: Ensuring network security, identifying vulnerabilities, and implementing security measures for remote systems.
  1. Online Teaching and Education
  • Online Tutor or Instructor: Teaching various subjects, languages, music, or skills to students through virtual platforms.
  • E-Learning Course Developer: Creating online courses, educational materials, and resources for distant learners.
  1. Writing and Editorial Roles
  • Journalist or Reporter: Writing news articles, features, or investigative pieces for digital publications.
  • Freelance Writer or Editor: Crafting written content, editing manuscripts, or contributing to magazines, blogs, or websites remotely.
  1. Remote Business and Administration
  • Virtual Assistant: Offering administrative support, managing schedules, emails, or handling tasks remotely for clients or businesses.
  • Project Manager: Overseeing projects, managing teams, and coordinating tasks remotely.
  1. Finance and Consulting
  • Financial Analyst or Consultant: Providing financial analysis, consulting services, or managing financial portfolios for clients remotely.
  1. Remote Health and Wellness Professions
  • Telehealth Professional: Conducting remote consultations, therapy sessions, or providing health-related advice virtually.
  • Remote Fitness Instructor or Trainer: Offering fitness classes, personalized training, or wellness coaching online.
  1. Online Sales and Customer Service
  • Remote Sales Representative: Selling products or services, handling client inquiries, and managing sales remotely.
  • Customer Service Representative: Providing customer support, troubleshooting, and assisting clients remotely

Other, Non-remote Jobs for Sailors/Cruisers

  1. Boat Maintenance Jobs
  •       Marine electrician
  •       Diesel mechanic
  •       Shipwright (carpenter)
  •       Boat Rigger

       Or any other job that involves repairing the myriad boat systems. People in the sailing community we know who do these types of jobs are always in high demand. Cruisers prefer to hire someone they know—or someone with a proven knowledge base or certification.

The only caveat here is that in certain countries, you cannot do these types of jobs without a work permit or business license. And while I do not endorse taking away jobs from locals, there are certain places where it’s difficult–if not impossible–to find reliable local workers, so depending on fellow cruisers is often a necessity.

hiking trail in Puerto Escondido
Beautiful hikes like this are the reward after a long day behind the laptop.

Remote Work Ideas: Companies to Help You Launch!

If you are ready to find a remote job online, then the following list of companies will help you get started.

Technology and Software

  1. GitHub: Known for offering remote opportunities in software development, engineering, and other tech-related roles.

Personally, I found this website a bit more difficult to navigate, but if you get past the homepage, you’ll find a wealth of potential prospects related to IT jobs.

2. Amazon: Offers remote positions in areas such as cloud computing, software development, and customer service.

3. Salesforce: Provides remote opportunities in software engineering, sales, marketing, and consulting.

Remote Work Platforms and Tools

  1. Automattic (WordPress): Provides remote opportunities in software development, marketing, customer support, and design. This company prides itself on the idea of location-free work, and rather than hiring you for a specific job right away, they have you first submit an interest form—and then contact you when something becomes available. This company also grooms you or mentors you through a project before hiring you full-time. It’s a win-win for both the company and the prospective employee.
  2.  GitLab: Offers remote positions in software development and engineering, product management, marketing, and sales. Gitlab is one of the largest all-remote companies in the world, and they seem to have an extensive list of potential positions.

Education and E-Learning

  1. VIPKid: Provides remote teaching opportunities for English language instructors. I know of several bloggers who also teach for this company on the side (the phrase “side hustle” dominates the web industry right now because the reality is that a person attempting to build a solid resume profile has his/her hand in several of these types of jobs.)
  2. K12: Offers remote teaching positions across various subjects and grade levels. They provide the curriculum, and you do the teaching.

Customer Service and Support

  1. Apple: Offers remote positions in customer support and technical roles.
  2. American Express: Provides remote opportunities in customer service, finance, and project management.
  3. See the notes below about Flexjobs and Freelancer.

Remote Work-Friendly Companies

  1. Zapier: Specializes in remote work solutions and offers remote positions in various fields.
  2. Flexjobs: offers a clearinghouse of open positions. In my opinion, this is *the best* website for finding remote positions; it’s comprehensive and easy to navigate. The website includes helpful blog articles related to finding remote work.

Freelancing Platforms

  1. Upwork: Offers a freelancing platform where individuals can find remote work across multiple industries. Note: I found this website a bit frustrating; the number of pop-ups and lack of clearly organized job categories threw me off. However, it is considered one of the better companies for remote work.
  2. Freelancer: Offers remote job opportunities for freelancers in diverse fields. This website is a second runner-up to Flexjobs; it offers a comprehensive list of potential jobs, both full-time and part-time, in hundreds of categories.

These companies represent just a fraction of those offering remote job positions across various sectors. Job seekers interested in remote work can explore these companies’ career pages or utilize remote job platforms to find suitable opportunities aligned with their skills and preferences. However, all of the links above take you directly to the site’s job listings.

full sails on the ocean
Downwind sailing makes working behind the laptop a breeze.

Embrace the Adventure of Working and Exploring

While the websites and jobs I have featured here represent work you can do with a laptop, there are many ways to make money while you cruise or sail from one destination to another. The cruising community represents a diverse group of people with all kinds of talents and backgrounds. Open the conversation to the possibilities of both remote work and work that can be done from port to port—and you just might abandon the idea of “retiring” at some magic (completely arbitrary) age.

Embrace the adventure and simultaneously keep the cruising “kitty” flush by discovering all kinds of “side hustles” that you can now do because of Starlink and a growing demand for remote work.

Please comment below if you have other ideas to share! Or, if you ask a question, I always answer as quickly as possible.


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